Leeds Local and Family History Library



Leeds Local History and Family Collection is located within the Leeds Central Library, which is also connected to Leeds Art Gallery, currently being redeveloped.

The library here held a small amount of items relating to the Tetley brewery. It held promotional material from The Tetley’s Brewery Wharf, an experiential museum built in 1994 to celebrate and explain the history of brewing throughout the ages, with historical re-enactment. There was merchandise from the store, such as pamphlets, promotional leaflets and diagrams explaining brewing, as well as a whole newspaper feature in the Yorkshire Evening about its opening. It reportedly cost over 6 million pounds to build, however subsequently closed due to lack of visitors.






The historical documents and information again have a masculine dominance in skill and staffing, with mainly men featuring in illustrations and photographs. It is a world I feel quite alienated from. I particularly like the promotional postcard booklet that folded out showing a portrait of Tetley’s brewery founder, Joshua Tetley, and images of The Tetley’s shire horses and inns.


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