Barry Ward, Textile Manufacturers Agent

I made contact with Barry Ward through Zoe Sawyer, the Curator at The Tetley. Barry was a very dedicated weekly performer in the wonderful exhibition, Dora Garcia – These books were alive, they spoke to me! at The Tetley, which sadly came to an end last week.

Barry was a manufacturing agent for constructed textiles for many years in North England. He worked with his father, selling fabrics in the thousands of rolls to clothing manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers for large textile manufacturers, one of which was Crepe Weavers Lts in Northern Ireland (see business card below)

It was fascinating talking to Barry about her experiences of the textile industry in the past. He talked about how he sold one of the first fabrics ‘Duplex’ that was printed on both sides.

Barry studied Textile Design and Construction for one year at The University of Leeds in 1953. He brought in some of his coursework, which was still in pristine condition. Pictured are some of his beautiful textile designs, colour mixing charts and cloth analysis cards.

Barry collected a large amount of surplus fabric over the years, which he has put to good use. He now make unusual hats from a range of contrasting fabrics, which he sells on ebay.

With thanks to Barry Ward for his time and generosity.





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