Residency at The Tetley, Leeds, March – May 2017 

The residency will explore the architectural history of The Tetley, Leeds building, and the wider social and cultural period of art and design during the buildings construction in 1931. In particular, the residency will consider modernist screen printed textiles and wallpaper design and manufacturing from the 1930s within North England, and Europe, and how this now relates to current production of these products through visits to manufacturers.

I am principally interested in exploring the cross over boundaries during this period between crafts, architecture, design and fine art. Throughout the era between 1990-1939 there was a much closer connection between the artist/designer and the manufacturer, with blurred boundaries between fine art, decorative art and consumer culture, which has now separated, with an existing grown stigma between artistic and commercial areas.

In response to this research, I will create a series of drawings, prints and short runs of wallpaper and textiles, potentially made into sculptures/assemblages, in production with one of the partnering manufacturers, which will be exhibited from May-August 2017 in the lower gallery of The Tetley.

This project is supported by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England.

lottery_Logo_Black RGB.jpg


Image above: ‘Uccello’ printed textile design for Edinburgh Weavers by artist Ashley Uccello, 1939.


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